Hidrot G 7001

Hidrot G 7001 telescopic arm flailmower

Equipment designation and description:

This flailmower is produced with a 6 meter reaching arm and there is a hidraulic telescope built in the second arm which has an additional 1 meter reach so the total arm reaching is 7 meters. This equipment can only be mounted on the heavier MTZ tractors the 920 and 952 types.
Several implements can be adjusted on the multipurpose arm ending. Due to the adjustable angle of the used implement mowing of road verges, ditches, outer and inner slopes of dikes can be easily performed
The arm mower is operated by an own hidraulic system powerd by the PTO. The hidraulic system contains an axial piston pump and motor which are long-life items. The flailmower is equiped with an electro-hidraulic ground following system which assures a high standard work and also takes care for the machine and the driver too.
The arm structure is protected against obstuctions by means of a mechanic switch.
The mowing implement cuts the greenery into small pieces. For this reason a signifficant amount of money can be saved because collecting and transporting the weed - which is unavaillable for agricultural use anyway - is not necessary.
The basic tractor vehicle makes it possible to approach the area fast every day and also protects the driver from hazardious weather conditions. An air-conditioner can be reguested optionally. The efficiency of the arm mower can be upgraded by exchangig the equipment and a wide range of road maintenance tasks can be performed.

Implements for arm flailmower:
- RK 1300 type flailmower (horizontal axle)
- CS 1000 type scrubber flailmower (horizontal axle)
- AK 1800 type alternateing mower
- RM 2 double disc rotational mower (vertical axle)
- KF 2000 type four disc buzz saw
- HidroTrimmer branch cutter adapter
- AM 650 trench digging, cleaning adapter
- BS 500 covered trench sweeper and extirpator adapter

Technical data, dimension:
Length (together with vehicle): 4700 mm (with protecting frame)
Width (together with vehicle): 2500 mm
Hight (together with vehicle): 3900 mm
Weight: 2500 kg
Mowing speed: maximum 3,2 km/h
Moweable distance from outer plane of wheel: 6300 mm

Vehicle requirements:
Minimum weight: 3400 kg
Minimum performance: 50 kW
Rear PTO: 6 rib, 1⅜”
Nominal PTO rev: 1000 min‾¹