Hidrot Ltd.

Introducing the company


Hidrot Ltd. was established in 1994 but the predecessor in title was manufacturing appliences since 1978. Our company has a wide range of products. Our main profile is the producing of road maintenance machinery such as flailmowers, branch cutters and cleaning equipments but we are also producing liquid spreadders, snow ploghs asphalt recyling machines and floating workboats too.

Behalf of the complecence of our customers in the last few jears we have been widening our range with sevral products of foreign companys. For this reason we are dealing with the danish Epoke spredders, the german Schaeff-Terex draggers, the holland Votex flailmowers, the high tech mowers and wood chippers of the german Dücker and the snow ploughs of the french Villeton only to mention our most important partners.

Our machines are serving with the customers satisfaction on many locations:

On the hungarian road structure the Hidrot flailmowers and verge mowers, the guard rail and road cleaning devices, asphalt recyclers, spredders and snow ploughs can offen be found.

Nearly all of the hungarian highways are maintained by our products or our foreign partners products.

Many Hidrot mowers are working on shorelines and banksides of canals, water-courses and dikes of the flood defense system.

Operators of the fishing lakes certainly use our mower boats for cutting and gathering seaweed and reed. Superior workboats of ours can be found on the Tisza lake and Ferenc-canal too.

A growing number of towns choose Hidrot equipments to ensure a clean environment and the traffic safety for the citizens.

Our company still takes the aim to provide developed, enviromental self-manufactured and foreign equipments for our customers in the future as well as we did in the past.