RK 1306

 Flailmower head




CS 1000

Sredder head




Hidrot RM 2

Twin dial mower for arm ending with hidraulic motor drive. Higher workspeed can be reached than with the flailmower. The mower cuts an order so it is worth to use where the cutted greenery needs to be collected. 




KF 600

Saw plate branch cutter adapter. One saw plate cutter adapter for cutting bushes, shrubberies and branches.



KF 2000

Saw plate branch cutter adapter. The adapter with four saw plate is used for cutting bushes, shrubberies and branches lengthening over roads and railways.





Branch cutting adapter. Hidrotrimmer alternating branch cutting adapter suitable for cutting thick branches and clear woody roadsides.




AG 1800

Alternating mower. The Hidrot 1800 is a adapter for cutting grass and soft stalk greenery.




IK 175

Dross dragger. This adapter is an ideal tool for cleaning drossed ditches. From the pitted dragger the water pours out and only the dross is dragged away.



KK 2000

Mowing bucket. The mowing bucket is the perfect tool for cleaning overgrown water-courses, ditch beds.




AM 650

Ditch dragger and cleaning adapter. The adapter can be attached to the Hidrot arm endings and it’s task is to clean drossed and upfilled ditches.




BS 500

Covered trench sweeper and extirpator adapter. The BS 500 can be mounted on Hidrot arm endings and is suitable for cleaning ditches and verges.




BV 150

Brush Cutter