Hidrot HV 1500



Hidrot HV 1500 - seaweed cutter and feeding workboat



Performable tasks, usage:

Our floating workboat is able to perform the maintenance works of cannals, water courses and smaller lakes. It can be used for underwater cutting of seaweed and reed and transporting them to the shore. On fishponds it is capable of feeding from an optional 1 m3 plastic tank placed in the middle of the boat.

The HIDROT HV 1500 is capable of mowing the harmful proliferation of water greenery everywhere the water is minimum 2,5 m wide and 0,5 m deep. Our machine is able to cut the weeds 1,5 m under water level with an alternating mower.

With changeing the work equipment to the gathering fork the cutted greenery can be transported to an available part of the shore. After placeing the storage tank in the boat the fish food can be quickly and easily poured in the water.

The boat is driven by a hidraulic auger and the active steering is maintained by the lateral turning of the auger which gives the boat a high briskness and manoeuvreing ability.

During the developement we considered enviromental aspects too: We have made the hidraulic system more safe by lowering the hidraulic pressures, isolating the hidraulic equipments and useing enviromentally sound oils.

For transporting the workboat we have produced a special trailer. With it’ s help the boat can be launched and be taken out of water with an appropriate winch on a suitable piece of the bank. The winch can be operated either by menpower, electrically or hidraulically depending on the facilities of the towing vehicle.

Technical data:

Engine:Kubota D 722 E, 3 cylinder,
The "T" shaped alternating mower:1750 mm
Total weight:1200 kg
Full length with working devices:5120 mm
Sidewall Floating: 300 mm
hight:650 mm
Width:1560 mm
Length of the boat body:4160 mm