Arm flailmowers

Hidrot G6001

Flailmower integrated in the MTZ Belarus tractor structure.




Hidrot G7001

Version of the G 6001 integrated mower structure with telescopic arm of one meter additional arm reach.



Hidrot G8000 MK

The HIDROT G 8000 MK is an older product of ours which’s purpose is the maintenance of the soil ground ditches. The stability of the basic vehicle is ensured by a tandem system wheel frame.




Hidrot GH4500

 Arm flailmower for tractor rear 3-point linkage with 4,5 m arm reach




Hidrot GH6001-7001

Arm flailmower for tractor rear 3-point linkage with 6 or 7 m arm reach.




Hidrot Optima

Arm flailmower for tractor 3-point linkage with the arm breached forward due to have a good view on the mower head. The arm can be turned into working position hidraulicaly.