Hidrot G8000MK



Hidrot G8000MK Water-bed Mower



The HIDROT G8000 MK water-bed mower is equipment of the channel maintenance. It can be mounted on MTZ 80 and on newer MTZ tractors.
During the development of the G8000 MK our aim was to help the automatization of the ground bedded channel’s maintenance with an equipment which can be easily attached to the tractor basic vehicle by keeping it’s stability parameters.
The hidraulically actuated mower has a simple structural build-up and it is easy to operate. The tandem system support frame ensures the tractors stability but has no effect on the control-, and manoeuvreabillity.
The HIDROT G 8000 MK is capable of cleaning small and medium size channels. Several adapters can be mounted on the multipurpose arm ending with the basket mower and the dross digger the weeds and water greenery can be removed from the water-bed and it can also be cleaned from the subsided dross.
Continuous mowing of the channel sides can be performed with the alternating- and flailmower.

Technical data:

Equipment length:                                             5500 mm
width (in transport position):                           2700 mm
height (in transport position):                           4400 mm
structural weight:                                            5700 kg
Arm reach from vehicle center line:                8 m
Working depth:                                                3,5 m
KK 2000 basket mower’s work width:            2 m
IK 175 dross digger’s work width:                  1,2 m
volume:                                                             0,175 m3
RK 1000 flailmower’s work width:                   1 m
RK 1300 flailmower’s work width:                   1,3 m
CS 1000 scrubber flailmower’s work width:    1 m
KF 2000 type four disc buzz saw work width: 2 m
HidroTrimmer branch cutter adapter’s work width: 1,8 m