Hidrot GH6001 - GH7001


Hidrot GH 6001-7001 Arm flailmower for tractor 3 point linkage




Performable tasks, usage:

  • Capable of mowing verges, ditch sides and banks
  • It can be used for cutting often treated greenery but with other adapters it is able to do alternate cutting, cut small wooden stalks and shrubs, cut branches or dig dross from channel beds.
  • The equipment can be mounted on tractor rear 3-point linkage in a few minutes and optional easy-to-attach fittings can be ordered.
  • The flailmower works with it’s own hidraulic system which is driven by the PTO. The hidraulic pump is a long life unit due to the axial cylinder
  • The mower head weight reliefe is electrohidraulic with proportional regulation.
  • Obstacle avoidance by means of a mechanical safety switch.
  • All functions are electrically controlled and hidraulically actuated which provide easy handling and regulation of the equipment.
  • The device is controlled from the tractor cabin with bowdens or optionally electrical control can be ordered.