Hidrot Optima 5.5 - 6



Hidrot Optima 5.5-6 Fractional arm mower for tractor rear linkage


The HIDROT Optima arm mower is hinged on the rear II. category 3-point linkage which is braced and also mounted on the tractor’s undercarriage.

The 3-point linkage and the support rods form a torsion frame which holds the mower structure by the means of two thightening chocks. Due to the equipment design it can be fitted and put down without the help of a specified workshop. Either the mover head and the arm structure is powered by a hidraulic pump section which is driven by a cardan with the minimum of 1000 min-1 shaft revolution. The mower head can be controlled from the tractor cabin.

The arm control is performed by a two-way joystick with electro-hidraulical actuating. The ground following and the arm raising is done electrohidraulically and the obstacle avoidance against hidraulic force with the turning of the arm.
The working adapter is a horizontal axle flailmower with special heads knives and a work width of 1000 or 1300 mm.The mower head is protected against stone throwing with rubber panels in the front and a rubber carpet at the back.
Many other Hidrot adapters can be mounted on the arm ending.


· Hinged on tractor 3-point linkage;
· Easy to attach;
· Braced 3-point linkage;
· Mower head and arm structure hidraulic system supplied by own twin pump;
· Hidraulic pump drive via cardan shaft;
· Controlled with joystick from tractor cabin;
· Arm structure control with proportional regulation;
· Electrohidraulic mower head weight relieve;
· Hidraulic obstacle avoidance due to rotateable arm structure;
· Safe, close mower head;
· Forward breached arm for good mower head view;

Technical data:

· Arm reach from tractor center line: 5,5 and 6 m
· Work width depending on ower head type: 1000-1300 mm
· Knives axle rpm.: 3000 min-1
· Mowing speed: 3-6 km/h
· Weight: 1200 and 1580 kg
· Service pressure of mower head drive: 250 bar
· Service pressure of arm structure drive: 200 bar
· Arm’s turning and obstacle avoidance: 130 bar
· Required performance: 50 kW