Rotational mowers


Votex Landmaster

The Votex Landmaster plane flail mower is a very robust flail mower with a large working width. This machine has been especially developed for mowing manuring grounds, maize stubbles and fallow parcels as well as general landscape maintenance.



Votex Roadmaster 06

The Votex Roadmaster 06 is an extremely solid flail mower for professional use which is the result of Votex’s many years of experience in designing and manufacturing flail mowers. Areas of application include the mowing of recreation areas, verges, and the shredding of wood wildshoots of up to a diameter of 2 cm.



Votex Roadmaster 02

The Votex Roadmaster 02-S is a robust high-capacity side flail mower suitable for mowing verges, sides of ditches, canalbanks and recreation areas. The machine is suitable to be used on medium-range tractors.




Votex Jumbo

The Votex Jumbo is a particularly robust and versatile flail mower built to meet the wishes of the most demanding professional user. The Jumbo is characterized by its extremely solid construction and great mowing qualities.



Hidrot ECO-B

The Hidrot ECO-B 3-point linked verge mower is the middle size version of our HPK inner cardan drive products. The mower can be used to treat soft stalk greenery, small wooden stalks or shrubs growing on verges, ditch sides and banks in the angle range of (+90° - 65°). The equipment is hinged on the rear II. category 3-point linkage of the basic vehicle. It requires a minimum performance of 70 HP and 540 min-1 rev. number.