Road repair machines

ABM 400

Asphalt milling adapter for dragger vehicles. Purpose of the ABM 400 aspahalt miller is the flat milling of asphalt creaseings and surface prepareing before pothole mending.


KFA 4500

Asphalt recycler. The equipments purpose is to recycle broken, milled and poured asphalt pieces. After loading the pieces in the stokehold by means of mechanical and temperature effects the equipment recycles the asphalt to a grain size and temperature which is proper for use. The recyled asphalt can be used inmediatelly.


ZT 3500

 Gravel chipping equipment. With the use of the ZT 3500 equipment the thickness and the width of the gravel chipping can be precisely selected and a better work quality can be reached. Furthermore a great amount of material can be saved.