Hidrot SPS 300-330



HIDROT SPS 280 - 300 - 330 snow plough



The SPS snow plough is the ideal tool for road maintenance due to it’s elastic mounting and four segment built-up.

  • · For Unimog and other trucks front plate
  • · Due to it’s four section plough it follows the surface best
  • · The elastic mounting absorbs vibration.
  • · Because of the elastic mounting the plough avoides road roughness by tipping and riseing without damage.
  • · High stiffness abrasion-restraint combined steel and rubber blade for every snow type
  • · The plough has a verge leading unit which provides laterall safety
  • · The plough is lead by massiv solid rubber wheels
  • · The plough’s arm movements are driven by the basic vehicle’s hidraulics